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SAMBRO is an award-winning global supplier of licensed merchandise including toys, stationery and bags. 



SAMBRO wanted to understand the current situation on the market, to explore opportunities in product development and licensees selection.


Sambro became a client of Kids Insights in 2017, subscribing to our On-Track reports and real-time data portal, which provides them with an unrivalled understanding and insight into this generation of children. Sambro utilise our data and insights across their business to provide them with a regular up to date snapshot of the wider kid’s marketplace and identify key changes at a glance, whenever they want, putting them ahead of the competition.


“Building on our Kids Insights and Parents Insights data we provide to Sambro, we were asked by their team to give quarterly insight sessions. During these sessions, we do not just showcase some of our latest findings, but we present a perspective to certain questions they have as a business. These workshops are led by our Research & Trends team.”

Jonathan Watson: Chief Product Officer, Kids Insights