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Kids Insights, the global leader in kids’ market intelligence, just presented their seasonal research on the most popular kids Christmas requests across Europe. The research is based on the results of surveying 3,047 children in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain between 17th October and 15th December 2019.

Based on Kids Insights data, the leading positions in kid’s Wish list are taken by the usual classics – but change could be in the air…

The study presents a variety of preferences across different age groups. The most sought-after gifts amongst preschool kids are bicycles, closely followed by LEGO, Paw Patrol, Frozen toys and LOL Dolls. By the time children reach the ages of 6-9, LEGO is the most wished for present, with Playstation and Nintendo Switch not far behind. Tweens are hoping to receive smartphones for Christmas – with the new iPhone 11 proving its popularity. Teenagers are wishing for money, phones and clothes.

Kids Insights believe that the kids’ landscape is more fragmented than ever, with technological advances meaning they are now more connected and invested in more ecosystems than any generation before them. The unique, real-time survey shows that 4 out of the Top 10 Christmas wishes are tech-related.

Considering the UK kids’ number one choice is money, it demonstrates how central this has become to their thinking and, also reflects the significant amount of independent spending power children have now and in fact, the influence on family purchase decisions. Kids Insights period 2 reports (issued in July) showed that UK children collectively spend £310m every month (or a staggering £3.72bn a year).

However, the research also explores how many children are looking for experiences, rather than material items, this year. 

For example, “Family time” is starting to enter the most popular options on the children’s Christmas list in Germany and Spain, actually now taking top spot for German children. “Happiness” and “Happy homes” are mentioned regularly, as are holidays, trips to the Natural History museum and various music concerts. It means that the “experience economy” that started booming with Millennials, continues to grow with this generation of kids.

Jenny Kieras, COO Kids Insights commented: “Over the last two years of research we have continued to observe how the offline and online lives of children are blending into one, without the clear distinctions that were present when we were growing up. Kids are looking for more emotional involvement and stronger connections to new experiences in their day-to-day life. That’s why using live events and experiences is a great way for brands to connect with their young audience”. 

Kids Insights reports are based on the data collected via their statistically significant survey. These findings are considered in the context of broader trends by a team of expert researchers who analyse the data. The results then provide actionable insights for brands and organisations looking to market to, and engage with, kids and families.

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