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Our latest research published in Toy News, explores the preschoolers most popular choices in the booming sector.

The study explores how toys and games are an integral part of kids’ ecosystems, with preschoolers playing with toys & games an average of 11,5 hours a week. Modern children have changed a lot and toys have become different, but the game continues to be a leading activity during childhood.

When we look at the top favourites, nearly 10.2% of preschoolers said a LEGO product is their favourite toy, meaning it is far more popular than any other toy.  

Among the top 5, there is also My Little Pony with its Rainbow Squads for 3-5s girls and Paw Patrol for boys. Nerf Guns, along with Playmobil and Hot Wheels, all saw their popularity increase for this age group with boys.

For 3-6 year olds girls, Barbie takes the top spot, being favourite for 7%. Celebrating 60 years of Barbie, Mattel has recently opened a Barbie pop-up store in Liverpool City Centre. According to our data, girls that report Barbie as their favourite are 18% more likely than average to shop in the city centre.

We can see how the content kids consume has an impact on the toys they seek out to purchase and play with. 

Our latest data (which were issued in October) shows mobile ownership among 3-9s has increased from 20% to 25% over the last 2 years, equivalent to 357,200 additional kids owning mobiles…

Increasing device & content consumption is resulting in a much longer list of kids favourite characters. More and more favourites come from the internet.

In the last 12 months, 1.4 MILLION OF PRE-SCHOOLERS USED YOUTUBE & YOUTUBE KIDS – and 1 in 4 of these kids watched YouTubers. When we asked kids if they’ve bought anything related to their favourite Youtuber, toys took the first place.

The favourite YouTubers for preschool children are Ryan ToysReview (8.2%), Blippi (2.2%) and Zoella (1.6%). Ryan ToyReview is somewhat of a sensation among kids. Since Q4 2018, the number of preschool kids reporting Ryan ToysReview as their favourite YouTuber has increased by 16%.

Aside from Ryan ToysReview, 2019 has been a strong year for fellow YouTubers in the kids’ space. Kids reporting Blippi, an educational YouTuber, as their favourite has increased from 0.9% in Q1 2019 to 2.2% in Q3 2019.

In the last 12 months, one third of pre-schoolers said action figures were the top toy type they play with and we can see how more & more YouTube stars are getting their own action figure range to entertain their young audience.

From YouTube-inspired toys, a new range of LEGOs to classic dolls, children’s preferences are constantly changing. We can track these changes and their impact live in our real-time data portal. Understanding what is going on in the kids’ ecosystem has never been more important, and we specialise in helping clients identify new products before the masses do, understand the true performance of a product and how to maximise their investment from a sales and marketing perspective.

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