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A leading transmedia pitching event Cartoon 360, organised by Cartoon Media, took place on 2-4 Dec in Lille, France. A pitching event totally dedicated to cross-media animation: the next step after Cartoon Forum and Cartoon Movie

Cartoon Media is an international non-profit association that supports the animation industry and organises several types of events throughout the year dedicated to animation professionals.

During the event, Nick Richardson, CEO of Kids Insights gave a big session on children’s favourite on-screen content across all media they have access to.

One of the key trends that he introduced is the redefinition of the term “audience”. The new generation doesn’t expect to passively consume content, they want to co-create, build and advance the content to get personalised experiences. Brands need to develop an ecosystem which is agile – which not only attracts but continues to evolve with their audience to build engagement and loyalty.


Top 5 Key Stats To Know:

  1. 3 million kids in the UK have watched esports in the last 12 months, either on screen or at events. 
  2. Since Q1 2019, TikTok’s tween girl audience has increased fourfold, from 5% to 20%. 
  3. + 31% in the number of teenage boys with Twitch installed on their device (Q1 2019 vs Q3 2019). 
  4. Minecraft fans are 16% more likely than average to have learned how to code. 
  5. 4.1 million children in UK (35%) are listening to Podcasts.

To  know more, download a full MIPJunior 2019 presentation below:


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