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Our latest research published in  Global Toy News, shows how modern kids are spending their time offline.

The data is predominantly based on the results of surveying 5,000 children in US between 1st July and 30th September 2019, though it also utilizes data we have collected since June 2018.

Our latest reports shows how kids’ landscapes are more fragmented than ever, with technological advances meaning they are now more connected and invested in more ecosystems than any generation before them. This means they have more options than ever before when deciding how to spend their day, with the share of online activities constantly increasing in kids’ daily lives.

At the same time, the offline lives of kids also sees changes. According to our study, activities & club participation has increased across all age groups since last quarter, with sports and dancing clubs taking a leading position.


The number of boys who participate in sports has risen since last quarter with baseball and swimming  now more popular than soccer for boys in the US, although basketball remains the top favorite. Swimming also remains the most popular for girls.

Participation in dance clubs has also increased over the past year, fuelled by shows like Dance Moms, So You Think You Can Dance, and America’s Got Talent. We can see how JoJo Siwa, who skyrocketed to fame after her debut on Dance Moms,  now the top favorite celebrity for ages 10 and under in our data.

For girls, soccer is the third most played sport with basketball right behind, tied with gymnastics as the fourth most popular. What is worth taking note of, despite the ranking, is that girls choose to watch more basketball than soccer, both on-screen and in-person. 

According to our data, the number of 13-15s girls who are playing basketball has increased by 24% over the last 6 months. Girls also actively buy team kit/merchandise; 55.2% of girls who said they watch basketball on-screen purchased team-related clothes. 

Both genders are purchasing more sports collectables and books, and they are more likely to follow their favorite teams on social media and purchase tickets to attractions and events. One in five girls purchased sports-related stickers, making stickers the second most purchased item for girls this quarter. 

The growth of popularity in activities and clubs opens more collaboration and influencer opportunities, utilizing both male and female sports stars in brands developing content for their audience.

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