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Kids Insights, a global leader in kids’ market intelligence, recently issued its latest Trend Alert report that focuses on both the global and flash trends occurring in the world of kids. The study is based on the results of surveying 5,000 British children in the twelve weeks between July and September 2019, though it also utilises data collected since May 2017.

First and foremost, Trend Alert is identifying and highlighting the issues & the level of awareness which are taking place in the kids’ ecosystem.

During the Anti-bullying week, that is happening in schools across England from Monday 11th November-Friday 15th November 2019, Kids Insights shares its statistics on teenage bullying and discusses its effects on teenagers. Bullying is far from a new problem both for the whole world and for UK. It’s important for all to bring awareness and support each other as “small changes make a big difference”.

Based on Kids insights data, bulling is the second most-pressing issue (beaten only by privacy concerns), with over a third of teens being worried about becoming the victim of it (35.3%) – the gender split for this is 56% boys and 44% girls.

The research shows how schools have an impact on their concerns. Between July and August (back-to-school), the proportion of kids 13-18 worried about bullying jumped 16%.

There are also concerns on cyberbullying or Internet bullying, so common today, due to easy digital device access. According to Kids Insights data, cyber-bullying is the top online worry for girls ages 13-18, at 38.3%.

At the same time with increasing access to social media and communities around the world, children are becoming more engaged in the issues and topics that concern them. It is important for this generation to be able to see and to study problems from different perspectives.


“We can see how Gen Z teens are utilising their online communities to push change in the real world. Some of the issues that concern them the most include terrorism, bullying, animal cruelty and the environment. Over the last quarter (Jul-Sep 2019), our data shows how teenagers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment – 25% of 13-18s now list climate change as a top concern, an increase of 47% since this time last year. Likewise, over half of teens often think about how their actions effect the environment”, commented Nick Richardson, CEO Kids Insights.

For example, YouTuber Mr Beast has created an initiative to plant 20M trees to celebrate reaching 20M subscribers – as suggested by his fans. The #TeamTrees initiative is collecting donations – $1 a tree – and has raised over $10m in the first week of the campaign.

This generation is inspired and motivated to make positive changes, and technology devices will be the enabler. Children are prone to self-discipline and not to control from the outside.

In a digitally fragmented world, cultural and social boundaries are very illusive for them. This generation is more tolerant and open-minded. They are also characterised by social responsibility and self-awareness. Therefore, we are seeing a surge in attention to the global problems.

As teens especially become increasingly involved in social activism, they’re also becoming more conscious of their favourite brands’ actions – and this is influencing their choices…Placing person before the brand, it is what they are looking for in return of their loyalty.

To know more about the next generation of consumers, download a complimentary Kids Insights report below:




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