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Halloween in UK is known for its fun and at the same time frightening activities for children and adults. The history of the celebration of Halloween has been around for more than 2000 years, all this time the British actively support the traditions of the holiday.

According to the seasonal survey conducted by Kids Insights, kids Halloween spending totals £365m. The research is based on the results of surveying 2,500 British children in the twelve weeks between July and Sept 2019.

Halloween can be an expensive time of year for kids as they look to get into the spooky spirit. The average child will spend £29.50 on all things Halloween related this year.

Costumes are the biggest outgoing for kids.  The average child spends £.7.40 on their scary costume – total spending on Halloween costumes by kids will amount to £91.6m.

Halloween wouldn’t be the same for kids without the trick or treating tradition. As such, Sweets and Chocolate are the second highest expenditure for kids – £5.80 per child / £72m in total.

Having sorted both a costume and sweets & chocolate, of course a child needs to decorate their home. The average child spends £4.90 on decorations. Pumpkin spending by all kids will amount to £52m while the average child will £4.20. Finally, to complete the Halloween look, each child will spend £3.80 on spooky make-up. 

As we can see, Halloween continues its popularity in terms of holiday spending..

If you are looking for more information on kids seasonal data and their purchase preferences, why not give us a call on  +44 (0)330 159 6631 to see how we can help by providing you with access to the most comprehensive and dynamic independent market intelligence on kids.

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