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MIPJunior gathered more than 1,500+ the most influential buyers, commissioners, producers, development executives and distributors from the global Kids TV industry.

This year’s big theme of conference, “THE NEW POWER PLAYERS” reflects the seismic changes in global distribution models, their impact on content production and licensing, and the global response to the direct-to-consumer challenge.

Nick Richardson, CEO of Kids Insights gave a big session on children’s content consumption during MIPJunior 2019 in Cannes, France. 

One of the key trends that he introduced is as younger children are becoming more financially enabled that their ability and preference to shop online is increasing at a fairly constant level, and whilst more children say that they are spending more money offline, the gap is reducing, and if the trend continues at its current rate – 2020, could see online spend overtake offline for the first time in history. 

Top 5 Key Stats To Know:

  1. 22% of children aged 3-12 have access to a  smart speaker in the UK – 104% increase since  Q1 2018. This compares to 30% access in the  US and 13% in Germany.
  2. On average, British & Italian kids 37% more likely to spend more than half an hour playing on console, compared to French & Spanish.

  3. On average, British kids (3-12s) monthly income is 20£; French – 15€, German – 20€, Italian – 20€, Spanish – 25€.
  4. German kids 65% more likely to get regular pocket money, compared to French.

  5. UK Kid app economy worth over half a billion pounds (£581 million/per year).

To  know more, download a full MIPJunior 2019 presentation below:


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