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A survey of 21,300 kids in the last year in UK shows that children increasingly spending more time and money playing video games with 9.6% of all boys aged 8-14  now want to play video games as a career.

A global leader in kids’ market intelligence, Kids Insights have performed the most definitive study to date on the relationship how much technology is changing the kids’ ecosystem.

Their latest reports (which were issued in July 2019) showed that children themselves spend £791 million per year on video games, including in-game purchases. Not surprisingly, video gaming is the second favourite hobby of children in the UK with 7 in 10 kids play video games of some form, whether they are console, mobile or PC-based.

“Over the last two years we have spoken about the ‘Gaming Revolution’ and how mobile devices have increased accessibility to gaming, and technological advancements such as OTT and cross-platform play have changed the attitudes and behaviour of children. Our findings demonstrate that the popularity of gaming is as strong as ever in Q2 and it is now one of the top favourite kids hobby, second only to football”, comments Nick Richardson, CEO Kids Insights.

In comparison, Kids Insights data shows that of this time, kids 3-12 spend 44 hours per month watching TV, compared to 40 hours playing game. This means that these activities take almost equal space in kids ecosystem and, nowadays, popularity of some computer games can beat even well know TV shows & films.

Fortnite – the cultural phenomenon and hit game with kids, shows no signs of a reduction in popularity as a favourite gaming console, holding firm in first place (7,1%) with all kids aged 3-18, and its highest popularity in 11-12- year-olds (13% & 11,9%).

“We all remember the hype around last season of Games of Thrones that changed the industry from which it came and defined the television culture of this decade. We believe that Fortnite is about to make same revolution within a younger generation, building up a strong gaming culture. Remarkable, it has already succeeded in building their brand, beyond their initial home of the video game industry. Fortnite as a brand is far reaching, not only does Fortnite appear in our video game and esports data, but it is the fourth favourite brand with boys aged 9.”, adds Nick Richardson.

To know more about the next generation of consumers, download a complimentary Kids Insights report below:




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