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The gaming revolution is about to go to the next level, say The Insights People’s CEO

The CEO of the most comprehensive and dynamic market intelligence resource on all things kids, parents and families predicts that Google’s new gaming platform, Stadia, has all the attributes to be a commercial success.

The Insights People survey 1,600 different kids every week across the UK, USA and mainland Europe, along with 200 different new and expectant parents in the UK every week, through its Kids Insights UK, Kids Insights US, Kids Insights Europe and Parents Insights services, giving its data greater statistical significance than its competitors.

Through this work, the company has seen that traditional console ownership decreased by 14% among 4-12 year olds in the last 18 months. The number of 4-18 year olds watching YouTube on a daily basis also decreased from 61% to 51% last year too, as more and more have begun to migrate to other platforms, like the gaming-focused Twitch. Having seen these trends developing, The Insights People even predicted the rise of a YouTube for gaming in its 2018 Future Forecast predictions at the end of 2017.

The Insights People believe then that a gaming revolution has now started and so, the time is right for YouTube to fully embrace the live streaming of online gaming on its platform.

Nick Richardson, CEO of The Insights People, said: “Google’s timing is perfect to launch Stadia. Clearly, the company and its new head of gaming, Phil Harrison, have seen the direction of travel for both the gaming sector and YouTube as a platform, and have acted decisively to develop a platform which has the potential to be perfectly positioned to become the nucleus of the gaming revolution we find ourselves in.

“Much of the success of Stadia will depend on uptake though – online gamers regularly complain about the lag between performing an action on their controller and the action being performed in-game, so uptake of Stadia really will depend on how well the Stadia controller, which Google says will connect directly to the internet rather than through the platform to help decrease the possibility of lag, performs.

“In order to Stadia to succeed then, it will need to quickly develop a stable of games for users to choose from ahead of its launch later this year, and when it does launch to users, it will need to not only compare to other gaming platforms, it will arguably need to outperform them in terms of usability and lag.”

Richardson also sees other opportunities for Google with the launch of Stadia, adding: “The opportunity for Google here goes beyond targeting gamers though – we continue to see that this generation of kids want to create their own stories. With game development one of the top career aspirations of this generation of kids, there is a significant opportunity then for Google to evolve Stadia in time so that children can begin to contribute at the building and development stage, essentially co-creating their own games.

“By engaging children in this way and effectively giving them a sense of ownership in the content they are playing, Google would also be helping to build a love for and sense of loyalty to the Stadia platform too.”

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